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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A future in the Lone Star State?

Well, I finally uploaded our MO road trip photos. Above, Shawn posing in front of one of the train displays at our hotel in LaPlata.

I'll explain the other photos in a minute. Big news today! Well, not really because I'm not going to do anything with it, but it could have been big job news for me. If the job was in Iowa, and not Dallas-freaking-Texas.

That recruiter I told you about earlier this week emailed me today and said, "I know you're not interested in moving to St. Louis, but this job is actually in Dallas. We've reviewed your resume and would love to fly you down for an interview." And what, pray tell, is the job they think I am qualified for? VICE PRESIDENT of AGRIBUSINESS!!!! Holy crap! OK, before you get too excited, VPs at ad agencies are a dime a dozen. But still, I was immensely impressed with myself just to think that they wanted to consider me! Actually, the job would have been pretty exciting. 50 percent of the time working on a new biotech crop coming to market, the other 50 percent working on a new ag coalition.

But, Dallas-freaking-Texas? No thanks. One, it's Texas. The Bushes live there. Two, it's not dear old Iowa and my country acreage.

Speaking of my future home and fabulous vintage kitchen, this is me showing off my new Savory enamel turkey roaster which I bargained down to the low price of $12. I've seen them on ebay for $25, and those are the boring ol' black and gray ones! We pulled over on one of the deserted roads we were driving down so I could get this picture.

This was our hotel in LaPlata. I think I have sufficiently sang its praises. If you are ever near Kirksville, you should stay there.
Aahhh, and this photo. This is an example of the roads that TomTom was taking us down. This is a ONE-LANE road. Had we met anyone coming from the other direction we would have been screwed. Note the grass growing in the middle of the road. The tall weeds obscuring you from any signs of civilization. But, it was also very, very beautiful. It was a positively verdant place. I love that word, verdant. Covered in vegetation. So many gorgeous shades of green.

Oh, here's a fact for you, the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color. Shawn told me that while we were driving. He's such a smart one. Back in the day, when we were cave dwellers, subtle changes in the green landscaping (such as leaves rustling in the wind or an animal moving beneath them) could be the sign that a sabertooth tiger was lying in wait, ready to eat you. So our eyes really learned how to recognize all things green. Interesting, huh.

Mazy painted his State Fair painting tonight. Three flowers. Very beautiful. I need to find a frame for it tomorrow, one with a wire hanger. That's the rules. And don't break 'em or they won't accept your art!

And I worked out today for the third day in a row. Yeah me! And tomorrow is Friday. Yahooo!

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  1. But YOU aren't a dime a dozen. Ha ha Dallas - eat that. Ummm...I need to go to bed. LOVE your blog!