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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Berries, Artwork, Museums and Sculptures

Mazy and the letter O at the Sculptural Garden. That place is awesome! We're taking Shawn and Bo back tonight!

Mazy and a 237-year-old tree at the State Historical Society.

Mazy and his fine arts submission, "Monstro Sidekicks". It featured a shark, vampire, tarantula, alien, T-Rex and a couple other giant creepy heads. His artwork will be on display at the Cultural Building during the 2010 Iowa State Fair.

Strawberry picking at the Berry Patch. We got a ton of cherries, too! Tomorrow I'm going to make cherry pies and tarts.

Wow, 6:19 on Saturday night, here's a quick recap of our day so far:
  • Strawberry and cherry picking at The Berry Patch in Nevada
  • Lunch with Dwayne and Belinda in Nevada (Shawn's parents)
  • Naps for Shawn and Bo
  • Fine art submission at the Cultural Building at the State Fairgrounds, Me and Mazy
  • Visit to the Iowa Historical Museum, Me and Mazy
  • Visit to Pappajohn Sculptural Garden in Downtown Des Moines, Me and Mazy
  • Supper at home, all of us
  • Pending: Trip back to the Pappajohn Sculptural Garden with Bo and Shawn to celebrate one of the longest days of the year
Not bad for a Saturday. It's been a very cultural day. I'll post some images that I just downloaded. Enjoy them!

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