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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bathtime and then Father's Day gifts

Mazy just finished his bath, and Shawn is giving Bo his now. I have about three minutes to write, so I'll make this fast.

Mazy and I are going to work on Father's Day gifts tonight and his entry for the state fair. We have about a million things planned for Saturday, but I'm hoping to work the art drop-off into the mix. I might get up really early and go to the farmers market to get Shawn's dad some Father's Day presents, like pies, cookies and other treats I really shouldn't buy for a diabetic.. Maybe I'll get him some non-sweets too, like elk steaks or something. Then we're going to Nevada to pick raspberries -- if the season has begun. I'll call tomorrow and inquire.

There's Shawn hollering for me. Better get upstairs.

Oh, I applied for that job at the agency I said I wasn't going to apply to. It was just a whim this morning. I haven't heard back and may not. I just like the idea of applying anywhere and keeping the job search moving. No word from the St. Louis head hunter today either. I'll keep you updated.

Forecast shows two days of rain coming up. Enough already!!

Oops, there's Shawn again. Now he's getting grumpy. Gotta run!

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