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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A recruitment officer from St. Louis

This morning I opened my email to find a Facebook message from a recuiter out of St. Louis. She wants to talk to me about an agribusiness position. Clearly, I'm not trading in my country living dream for downtown St. Louis anytime soon, but I emailed her tonight and told her I would have some time to chat on Thursday or Friday. I'll be honest, it's flattering when these people call or email and it gives me a nice confidence boost to know that my work is appreciated by someone.

It's for a huge PR agency, too. Click here to see it. I don't like to put official company names in my blog anymore because you never know who might search and find it. I don't want a potential employer reading about themselves on a social media report! My last boss came from this agency. She said it was dog-eat-dog, stab or be stabbed, fight and claw your way through the crowd. Gee, sounds like fun.

But each position that lands in my in-box is another sign that companies are hiring again. Clients are coming back to the agencies with bigger budgets and projects, especially food and ag clients. So I am hopeful that my dream job is just around the corner!

Oh crap, I just remembered that Saturday is the deadline for Mazy to enter a piece of artwork into the youth division at the Iowa State Fair! I need to get him to choose one, and then frame it. I think there's a $7 fee. They don't judge the youth entries. They all get displayed with nice participation ribbons.

And this is Father's Day Weekend. I need to get the boys to finish their presents for Shawn. I'd tell you about them, but Shawn occasionally reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise. Mazy already made him one gift while he was at Heidi's in KC last week. A big mug with three interchangeable scenes that he colored. You screw off the bottom and can change the paper that wraps around the cup. It's very cool! And he did an awesome job coloring it.

Also, Mazy is now going to Bo's daycare. He started yesterday. He loves it! He likes it better than the Sci Preschool, which was significantly more expensive. However, I think that's because the daycare is all about fun and not necessarily structured learning. He is very impressed that they let him watch movies during naptime. He comes home happy and in a good mood, so I don't care what they do!

Time to get my laundry out of the dryer and fold it before bed. I'm back to my workout schedule. Tomorrow is weight lifting and cardio. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

P.S. Today's photo is the green turkey roaster I bought at the flea market. It's a Savory brand. This one was on ebay, I haven't downloaded my photos yet.

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