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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday morning french toast

Well, Vander Plooev Bakery, you were right. Your apple cinnamon pecan bread makes AWESOME french toast! Yum. In fact, it was delicious. We just finished a breakfast of it, sausage patties from Dad's hogs, mandarin orange slices and baby bananas. Yum, yum, yum. I typically made french toast with whatever bread we have -- Sara Lee whole wheat or whatever. And it's always terrible. Just awful. But when you use a high-quality white bread -- wow, what a difference.

Anyway, back to reality. Yesterday was a blast. The carousel ride was lots of fun. Mazy and I went back last night at 7 for a few more free rides.

And yes, I am accomplishing my weekend house selling goals! Mazy and I bought six bags of mulch and three new shrubs. I redid the front landscaping for the first time since we've lived here. I even dug up all the big rocks in the border wall, and repositioned them! Then we laid down newspapers and mulched the heck out of it. With any luck, it will keep most weeds out this summer.

Now I need to finish the east side of the house this morning. They're calling for rain this afternoon so we're also going to reseed some parts of the yard that are getting pretty bare. We reseeded a big area beneath our tree -- where we had left a pile of fall leaves -- and it looks great! So we are inspired to grow more grass and get rid of some of our creeping charlie sections.

And we measured the front door, but I have not bought a replacement yet. I was hoping to paint the front steps and door frame today, but with the impending rain, I'll wait until another weekend.

And if time allows, we're going to head to Nevada to visit Shawn's mom. She's home from the hospital now. In fact, I think I'll pull our rhubarb and make a strawberry/rhubarb cobbler to take with us. Am I Martha Stewart this weekend, or what? :)

1:09 p.m. Update: Just put both boys down for a nap. Whew, I could use one too. But I must soldier on and get more done while I am motivated!

I weeded the east landscaping and put down the one remaining bag of cypress mulch I had. It looks so good! Mazy pulled all our rhubarb for me. We got a cutting board, dull paring knife and a bowl and put him to work cutting it into small pieces for strawberry/rhubarb cobbler later this afternoon.

Next, I weeded a section of the backyard. I transplanted a clump of black eyed susans and yellow tiger lilies that were being choked out by my gigantic hostas.

Then I had two bags of reddish mulch left over from last year so I started mulching the eastern landscape in the backyard. It didn't get far, but it sure looks sharp.

We finished cutting the rhubarb and playing with the boys, cleaned up the backyard and headed in for lunch -- mac & cheese, pineapple ring funny faces and bread and butter.

Now I'm making a homemade pie crust -- Great Aunt Bev Arganbright's recipe! -- for a coconut cream pie I'm baking for my father-in-law. It's his favorite. We're going up to Nevada when the boys wake up. I also need to make that strawberry/rhubarb cobbler, and marinate a pork loin for the rotisserie tonight.

I better get moving, once I stop I'll be hard pressed to get up and keep going!

2:55 p.m. UPDATE: Rhubarb pie is nearly finished baking. Coconut cream pie filling is cooking on the stove. AND my kitchen is pretty clean still! Boys are still napping. Shawn is showering. We'll probably leave for Nevada at 4:30 or so.


  1. Wow - Keesia - you are a woman in action!! Saturday sounded like such fun, and I would love to have been at your house for breakfast. You know, coconut cream pie is also your Uncle Dave's favorite dessert.
    Loving the blog!

  2. I didn't know Uncle D liked coconut cream pie -- I'll have to remember that for his birthday this year!

    Also, that makes me think of an idea I had for the Wirt picnic this year. I think we should dedicate our dessert table to Grandma Betty, Aunt Ermadale, Uncle Chuck, etc. by baking things that they were known for -- like Grandma's chocolate cake, and Ermadale's oatmeal cookies. Wouldn't that be fun! And every family has lots of people who they could bake someone in memory of. I think that would be a cool activity for us all.

  3. That would be so much fun!! Count me in.