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Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue Ribbon at the Iowa State Fair

OK, so here's my latest goal: compete in at least one food competition at the 2010 Iowa State Fair. I spent a fair part of my morning checking out all the food categories, and there are tons. Everything from Tones Spice's Cinnamon Roll competition to the Iowa Orchards fruit pie competition. I'll eventually narrow it down to two or three, and start practicing. You can win pretty good money too, like $100 in some of the competitions!

And there are kids cooking competitions too. I think I'll let Mazy pick one of those and give it a try. Maybe the cookie or cupcake decorating. He'd like that. As long as I let him make a megalodon shark cupcake or a tsunami cookie. He's also going to enter some of his artwork in the Visual Arts show. His picture will hang in the Cultural Building, so if you go to the fair, look for it!

Why the sudden interest in the Iowa State Fair food competition? Well, check out that beautiful rhubarb pie I made yesterday (today's photo). Just look at it! It was beautiful. And it was delicious! The crumb topping was such a nice compliment to the rhubarb. Full kudos to Great Aunt Bev's pie crust recipe. It's the first time I've made it, and it is about to become my go-to recipe. And here's an awesome tip Bev shared with me (she gave me this recipe card at my wedding shower nearly 10 years ago): roll out the pie crust between two pieces of greased waxed paper. I cannot believe how well that worked. It was so easy to transfer it to the pie plate. Thanks Aunt Bev!

I wish you all could have had a slice with us. Mazy was very proud of it -- he really wanted to help make it, but I baked it during his nap time. I told him he could help with the next one. Bo only ate the topping and the whipped cream. He's not much of a sweets eater. My in-laws thought it was very good too.

Well, I need to make a mulch run tonight so I can do some more landscaping tomorrow. I'm so close to finishing that I don't want to lose momentum!

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