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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blonde for the summer!

So a new haircut (see today's photo) doesn't really contribute to my new life goal, but it sure makes me feel sassy and ready for summer! I went to my favorite salon yesterday, Salon W, in the East Village of Des Moines and got some blond highlights for the summer. They look good. I made Shawn take a picture of me before supper, while I was still styled.

Salon W is awesome -- they start your hair experience with a scalp massage. Then a short consultation about your hair -- what's working, what's bothering you, what you might like to change. Then a quick trip over to the parafin wax station where you sink you hands into a wonderfully warm wax bath. They cover each hand with a plastic bag and then put each hand into a black mitten. Then your haircut and style. And then, they refresh your makeup for you! Seriously, it is a great place. Oh, and I almost forgot, they give you glasses of wine during your appointment!

So, back to my new life. I find out this week that my acreage in Jefferson has been foreclosed. So I don't really know what that means for me, a potential buyer. I'm trying to find that out. The more I research the houses in Jefferson and the school district, the more I like it. Yes, I am sure it will be fairly conservative, but that doesn't mean there won't be some fellow progressives there to help stir things up.

I talked to my cousin Cody last night. He offered to find me a Mississippi acreage so I could grow cotton. I respectfully declined the offer, but thanked him for thinking of me. :) I would, however, LOVE to live near my cousins, The Chews. They are all wonderful and lots of fun. And Bo might grow up with a southern accent, which would be very cute. Somehow I don't think Mazy would adopt it. He's too scientific for an accent.

Nearly Bobo's bedtime so I better wrap this up. Tonight's job: search for some job leads!


  1. I love your new hair! I love your new hair! Wait. I already said that ... but it's awesome. And you got to drink wine? Did you ask if you could sleep there once a week?

  2. Love the cut/color!! Wine and special treatment - sounds wonderful Keesia. Big birthday weekend for Theron - have fun.

  3. Love the blog Keesia and your haircut is very becoming, you look beautiful!

    I'm adding you to my favorites.

    Coon Rapids is not bad all things considered. I really always felt like the topography around it was absolutely beautiful. It seems to me if I remember right its kind of where the flatlands start to meet the undulating hills of western Iowa and the change can be noticeable. See if you do notice anything and we'll discuss lol....night, night.

    You've done a wonderful job building MDM blog