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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

O' Pioneer

Had a voice mail this morning from a former coworker who is at Pioneer Hybrid Intl. She informed me of a job opening there that she thinks would be great for me. I'll email her tonight and thank her, but I'm not going to apply.

One, it's the same salary I currently have. But more importantly, it's not my dream! And I've just started working on my dream life and I'm not going to stop now. It's another sign that the job market is improving so I am confident I will find something. Actually, not just something -- I am confident I will find a fantastic job that suits me perfectly!

Since I'm heading to the farm this weekend, maybe I will check out Coon Rapids. It's next on my community list. Perhaps Sunday evening or something. We'll see. I also need to get Mazy to my Grandpa Pud's house for his first ever fishing trip with the Batman fishing pole he got for his birthday. I predict he will hate it. But you never know.

Tonight we are taking the boys to the Bass Pro Shop in Altoona and meeting Mom for supper. The place sounds like a mini amusement park, I bet the boys will love it! And it is a nice diversion for a Wednesday night. My office will be a ghost town by Friday. Seems like a lot of people are taking extra long holiday weekends.

I forgot my workout bag today... Very bad of me. But I am hoping to make up for it by doing a yoga DVD tonight. That will still count. And I am eating healthy today. And I'll workout tomorrow and Friday.

One final comment about today's title and picture, if you have never read Willa Cather's O' Pioneers, you should put it on your summer reading list. Actually, if you are just going to read just one of Cather's books, make it My Antonia. I truly love that book and have read it at least four or five times. It's a fast read and an easy read.

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