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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Polite decline of the newspaper job interview

Well, after talking to the VP of Mid America Publishing this afternoon, I politely declined his offer of an interview later this week. The position was a part-time news reporter and part-time sports editor/photographer, and to be honest, that's just not really my thing. I've never read the sports section in my life, and I can't think I'd be very good at writing it. Plus, it would mean a lot of nights and weekends covering the games. No thanks.

But I had a nice chat with the guy. He publishes 17 community newspapers around the state, mostly on the eastern side. He says community papers are faring much better than the big dailies, which are trying to compete with online publications and news sources. I wished him well in his search and told him to give me a call if anything else opened up, or if he heard of any communications/PR jobs.

So back to the search. A lot of my friends and coworkers are switching jobs and interviewing for jobs, so i think the market is slowly started to swing back in favor of the workers. Well, that's sugarcoating it, but I try to be optimistic.

Today's photos are from the Birthday Luau at the farm on Saturday night. A good time was had by all, as I mentioned. We are heading to the farm again this weekend and will spend the night Sunday and hang out there on Memorial Day. I am planning to bake a couple pies (with Aunt Bev's pie crust of course) and take them to Aunt Bev's farm on Monday. Can't wait to see Andy and Jeff, and just hang out on the Arganbright farm. It is one of the greatest farms in Iowa. I will be sure to take pictures and report back. Jeff has promised to show me the two Easter geese I donated to his flock several years ago.... Uncle Troy thought they would be a cute Easter present for Mazy and my niece Theron. Heidi and I did not agree. But I am thrilled they are alive and thriving on the farm.

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