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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holiday weekend just around the corner!

Oh man. What a couple of days. Do any of you work with coworkers who have been freaking out all week trying to get things finished so they can take Friday off? Well I have, and I'm tired of it! I can't wait for all of them to leave me alone tomorrow!

The house is a disaster. Both boys had a meltdown after supper and are already in bed tonight. One of my favorite coworkers turned in his two week resignation today. And I'm tired and crabby. I'm going to write a letter of recommendation for my good friend Debbie, and then force myself to clean up the downstairs so I can come home to a clean house tomorrow. Pain today, for vacation fun tomorrow night! Friday's have become Friday Family Movie Night at our house. We let Mazy pick out a movie and allow him to stay up late watching it with us. Then Shawn and I watch a non-kid movie together. I pop popcorn, drink some wine and really relax and enjoy the three men in my life. Bo's not into movies yet, but he and I enjoy reading time before the movie.

So, back to my work. If I sit too long I will surely lose motivation. More tomorrow. And I promise, a better attitude! By the way, today's photo was taken at the Valley Junction Earth Day Celebration -- another day when the boys had a meltdown. The photo was pre-meltdown by about 15 minutes. I am sure you can recognize some of the impending meltdown signs... Meltdowns and all, I love those two boys so much! Mazy and Bobo -- thank you for keeping life interesting!

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