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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Me and Bo Today

Oh beautiful day -- how I love to wake up knowing I have three days off work to spend with Shawn and the boys! The sunshine came streaming in at 5:55 and woke me up. I lied in bed until 7, and then crept into the boys room and woke up my little morning buddy, Bo. He and I arrived at the farmers market by 7:25, and boy oh boy, it was the place to be today. Cars and people everywhere! Bo and I parked illegally, knowing we wouldn't be too long and headed into the market. Dogs, strollers, wheelchairs, wagons, cat strollers, you name it and it's at the market.

We went straight to Anita's Garden to buy a mini hosta for my mother-in-law. She said you're supposed to plant them in front of your clematis plants and she needed another for her landscaping. We picked out a pretty variegated hosta and then headed for Something Italian for some breakfast pizza. The line was already about 20 people deep. We bought one slice for $4, had them cut it in two pieces -- one for Bo to eat immediately and one to wrap in tin foil and take home to Mazy. Then we checked out a new soul food stand called Mother Dear's. Food looks great. I might have to try it next time. Next we made a quick stop at Iowa Orchard's stand to sniff the fresh strawberries. The boys picked the first strawberries in our garden last night -- Bo was a champ at spotting them! He picked them and ate them before Mazy knew what happened! We only had a few, and I was so tempted to buy a quart of them but at $5 a pop, I thought I'd wait and take the boys to the Berry Patch -- a you-pick-strawberry farm up near Nevada -- next Friday. They'll love it! Finally, a quick stop at one of the Dutch bakeries for a Dutch Letter for Shawn. Then we high-tailed it out of there before it got any more crowded.

Ate a quick breakfast at home with Shawn and Mazy, drank some coffee and then headed to the yard for some quick work while it was cool. Swept out the garage, gave Mazy and Bo sponges and soap so they could scrub down the stainless steel garbage can in the kitchen, and then came in for a morning of house cleaning.

Shawn and Bo just left for Nevada for the afternoon. Delivering Belinda's hosta and having lunch with them. Bo's going down for a nap in another hour or so, and I'm doing some major house cleaning while I'm alone. Then I'll have two wonderful days to play and have fun on the farm!

Everyone enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! I'll make a bouquet of flowers and take to Grandma Betty's grave on Monday, and some for Gerald and Ermadale and all the rest of our relatives at Morrisburg Cemetery. Hey, go to the link on Grandma's name. I just found a cool site when I searched for Morrisburg. There's a photo of her gravestone and you can sign in to the site and write a message and leave some flowers on her page! Kind of cool!

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