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Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's like Saturday all over again!

Oh we love three-day holiday weekends! The boys are behaving like they've drank six espressos apiece (trust me, they have not. We had smoothies for breakfast) and they are literally bouncing off the walls in anticipation of spending the night at the farm.

It's 10 o'clock now. Shawn might run to the bookstore and then we'll go to Baker's Square to pick up a pie -- Mom gave me a coupon for a free one. Then we'll head to the farm. Mazy wants to go fishing with Grandpa Pud today. His Batman fishing pole has been in its original packaging since December when he received it. However, he was very shocked to hear that you use live worms for bait. He has asked to use fake worms instead. That's my little naturalist. It makes me so happy!

Shawn and Bo may head to the farm for an afternoon nap while we go fishing. Mom says we're having homemade pizza tonight -- yum! Tomorrow will be the Memorial Day Service in town, followed by a trip to the cemetery and then a visit to the Arganbright farm. I will either make a pie or some homemade cookies for Jeff.

So that's the plan. Happy day to all of you!

Oh, and today's photo is a tribute to dear Grandpa Pud -- a WWII veteran and an all-around great man. This one was taken in the fall of 2008 -- him and Mazy playing on the airplane swing in his backyard.

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