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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A future in wind?

Thank you to Aunt Cindy for a phone call this morning with an excellent career idea for me or Shawn -- wind energy! She heard an interview on NPR with Warren Buffett's son about their wind farms in Western Iowa. I would love to work for a renewable fuels group so that has definite potential!

With Shawn's engineering brain, I think there's great possibility there for him as well. Of course, he's not so fond of heights so I can't sign him up to be a turbine engineer, but surely there are office jobs.

Step 3: Research Western Iowa wind companies, contact them.

Tonight I'm updating our resumes and sending them to my contact at Western Iowa Advantage. I'm so excited that he's enthusiastic about helping us!

Once I get a handle on the job front, I'll start the fun work -- looking for houses, or just maybe, a dream acreage. Next spring I'll have the boys raising heirloom breeds of chickens and weeding our organic garden! And Shawn can have his old barn where he can plan and host awesome Halloween parties every year!

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