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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pinch Me, This Is Really Happening!

For six years, you've been following this blog and know that the one thing I have wanted to accomplish above all others is to sell my house and move into a new one.

Well, I haven't sold my house yet. It's not even on the market at the moment.

But guess what? We bought a new house!!! I'm going to be very optimistic and say that once we are out of this house, someone will want to buy it! That's the plan at least. And I'm not going to worry about it until I am forced to. :) 

So, the moment we have all been waiting so very very very very very long for -- let me introduce you to our new house!!!

The year was 1900. The world was talking about the opening of the Paris World Exhibition and the Second Modern Olympic Games in Paris. L. Frank Baum published The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. And the first zeppelin flight took place in Germany.

And in Nevada, Iowa, a house was built. And 116 years later, that house with the crooked chimney would become our new home. 

The back deck off the kitchen was one of my favorite parts of the house. We'll eat supper out there, host parties there and Violet and I will plant all kinds of flowers in the yard!

I have big plans for the kitchen and dining room, which are one big room. Eventually I want to do a little remodeling to extend the counter space and increase storage, but for now, this will work great! The only thing I really really want to do now is change from an electric oven to a gas one. I can't go back to electric after all these years!

You may have seen on Facebook that we have already bought our new dining room table and chairs! Aren't they awesome!!!! The table comes with an extra leaf to make it a bit bigger, and the people who sold it to me threw in three coordinating gray chairs for free! The kitchen is totally going to be 1950s era in red, turquoise and green. Bright, vibrant and so much fun!

Isn't this staircase the best! I fell in love with it. It's one of the few places in the house with original woodwork. Or who knows, maybe they added it later. In any event, I like it! There's a great little closet under the stairs. I'll probably need the space for coats/bags/shoes, but wouldn't it be awesome to take the door off and turn it into a reading nook for the kids!

And here's the living room and the area at the foot of the stairs. I'm not sure what to do with that space yet... Maybe turn it into a little study with our bookcase and a couple of chairs? We also have to figure out where to put Shawn's computer. 

Also downstairs, are two decent-sized bedrooms, which will become the boys' rooms. I'm so excited for them to have their own bedrooms!!

On the main level, there's this little half bath. But my sister-in-law has already offered to help us renovate it into a three-quarters bath by adding a corner shower to it. The boys bedrooms will be downstairs so they'll be able to use it. And there's a scary shower in the basement.... I suppose Shawn can use that if he's feeling adventurous. :) 

Now come on upstairs (notice the awesome little window) and see what's up there.

There are three bedrooms and the bathroom. There's also a whole-house fan up there, which I've been told is a good thing to have in an old house.

Here's the only full bath in the house -- it's in good shape.

This is the smallest room upstairs. We'd really like to make it Violet's bedroom, but I'm not sure if it's big enough for the princess bed Shawn bought her several months ago... If not her bedroom, then it will be an amazing hobby room for me and Shawn to share. The fifth bedroom is the reason we were so excited about this house -- a HOBBY ROOM!!! Shawn and I both have tons of hobbies that have tons of supplies so having a place to keep all of them, where we can shut the door and keep the kids out of it, is pretty amazing. Sorry future guests, we have different plans for your room. :)

This is the master bedroom. Two walk-in closets! Holy cow, what the heck am I going to do with all that space!!! It's already painted a really pretty light blue, which will go awesome with my new color scheme for the master bedroom -- blues, oranges and white. And did you see the window in the closet!! I'm tempted to turn that into a little sewing room... So many possibilities!!

And this is the third bedroom upstairs -- it's big. It's an awesome room for morning sunlight. I'm a little jealous of that, but I think I'll trade that for the walk-in closet. :)

Well, do you love it as much as us? Isn't it awesome! You are all invited over to see it whenever you want. We'll move in in early June, and have an amazing summer ahead to join our new community!! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Thanks for hanging in there with me all these years!

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