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Monday, December 14, 2015

Countdown to Christmas!

December is flying by! I'm happy to report that we've done a lot of fun things and are keeping the house picked up each night so we can enjoy it with all our lights and decorations.

This past weekend we had Mazy's bowling party with his cousins -- super fun. Violet and I joined Heidi and Theron for holiday baking on Sunday. We made two kinds of biscotti, two kinds of sugar cookies (they weren't so good....) and chocolate-covered pretzel rods. The biscotti are amazing! The pretzels are delicious! As I said, the cookies were duds... I think we're going to stick to biscotti from now on.

Today I worked from home in the morning and then went to Mazy's first school band concert. It was 30 minutes long and I took Violet and Bo with me. It was fun. Mazy was so cute with his flute, sitting in the front row so I could see him! He was very proud of himself. Afterward, I had the afternoon off so Violet and I went out for a late lunch, some shopping at Stam's Chocolaterie and Architectural Salvage, and then picked the boys up at dismissal time. We had one more errand to run after that -- to Rieman Music so I could finally buy a flute Christmas ornament for Mazy. Don't worry, he didn't see me buy it.

Work is so busy this last week before all the clients go on holiday. Lucky for me, I have a ton of PTO to use up so I work on Tuesday and then have Wednesday afternoon off. Work on Thursday and Friday, and then have all next week off! Whoohooo!

Well, it's late and I better get to bed. I've got a cold that's kicking my butt. Hoping to get over it soon so I won't have it for the holidays. Take care, everyone, and enjoy this wonderful time of year!

Lunch with Violet today

Selfie with Violet and Bo at the band concert (my hair looks great for not showering today!)

Mazy's band concert, he's the fourth flue from the right

Baking with sister Heidi on Sunday

Nephew Hudson hamming it up in the kitchen

Marla and Rowan at the bowling party


Marla choosing a ball

Sweet Bo

Party time at the bowling alley

All the kids were great at bowling!

Rowan and Grandma Katy

This was me giving blood last week. If you haven't donated lately, you should. It's a very easy and relaxing way to save a life!

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