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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome Elizabeth Twinkle Toes

Despite four trips to the storage unit where we had stored all of our Christmas decorations in the wildly optimistic belief that we would have sold our house before the holidays... we were unable to locate North Pole resident Buddy the Elf. Buddy is our Elf on the Shelf friend who is used to threaten and scare our younger children into behaving during the holidays.

They have been asking about Buddy, so we knew we couldn't just ignore it and pretend he never existed. So, Shawn, who is always a sucker for that little three-year-old girl in our house..., went to Target and came home with this:

Meet Elizabeth Twinkle Toes, Buddy the Elf's sister

Buddy has been replaced, at least for the time being, by a girl elf who is wearing a white skirt and has large eye lashes, but is otherwise identical to Buddy. We asked Bo and Violet to collaborate on a name for our new elf friend. Bo immediately suggested "Elizabeth" while Violet went through a long list of names, including Naughty Nora (a friend from daycare), Eloisey (another friend from daycare), Booty (her favorite word...) and Twinkle Toes. 

We told them they had to agree on a name and in a very rare moment of amiability, Violet suggested a fusion of the favorite names: Elizabeth Twinkle Toes. So there you go. 

Mazy was mad that his suggestion of "Buddelina" was not taken more seriously. 

So now, every night when Bo and Violet go to sleep, Mazy hides Elizabeth Twinkle Toes in a new spot in the house. On the first morning of her arrival, she came with a very official-looking letter from Santa explaining her presence and purpose. I downloaded it from Pinterest before you start accusing me of being a crafty mom:

Today Bo found her under the Christmas tree with two big Nerf guns. Maybe we should have named her "Furiosa" after the bad-ass female character in Mad Max because I guarantee she's going to show up with a lot of weapons and dangerous situations before the month is over. 

And here are just a few random decoration pics from the house. We are enjoying them all tremendously:

This is not a Christmas decoration. It's a purple pen that Violet insisted I take a photo of. 

Last weekend we got out the hot glue gun and put together a ton of fun gift tag sets that the kids got from someone last year. 

I'm including this photo because what you can't see is my husband running around in his tighty whiteys playing with toys while the rest of us are dressed and ready to go to school and work....  :) 

Tonight I am planning to wrap gifts because the kids said it is time to get some under the tree. I agree. The best part of Christmas is the anticipation of Christmas morning!! Hope you're all having a good week. 

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