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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Violet's First Movie Theater Experience: Charlie 'Hashbrown'

It's been a busy three-day weekend for me! On Friday, I used my Volunteer Time Off hours from my employer to volunteer at EMBARC -- an organization that helps Burmese refugees. It's a long story, but I originally reached out to them to adopt a family for Christmas. When they learned I worked at a marketing agency, they asked if I would help them with some campaign strategies instead. Since that's what I do for a living, I felt pretty confident in agreeing to do that. It sounds like a pretty great organization, so I'm happy to be helping them out.

Friday afternoon, I went shopping in Valley Junction with my mom, aunt Sherie and cousins Jenny and Jeniya. It was a beautiful day and fun to walk around outside. I didn't buy much -- just some ornaments for the kids.

I picked Violet and Bo up early, around 4, and took them home to wait for Shawn so we could all take Violet to her first-ever movie theater experience, the new Peanuts movie! Mazy was spending the night at a friend's house, so he didn't join us. Before the movie, the rest of us had Mexican for dinner at a restaurant near the theater and then bought our tickets, popcorn, Skittles and pop. There were only about 10 other people in the theater. Violet loved it! It's a great movie. Our family loves all the Charlie Brown seasonal shows so I knew she would likely sit through the entire movie. Violet always calls him, "Charlie Hashbrown", which I think is the cutest thing ever.

Bo, Shawn and Violet watching the 7 previews.... 

Violet enjoying her own tub of popcorn!

On Saturday, I was home all day while Shawn shopped and ran errands. I wrapped some more presents, cleaned up the house and taught myself how to crotchet! I've been wanting to learn to crotchet for a long time. There are so many how-to videos on YouTube, it's great! I'm starting with washcloths. Very easy to start and finish in one sitting, and you can learn many different stitches to make different styles. What I wasn't expecting was the children's interest in my crotcheting! Bo immediately requested that I give him the first washcloth, which is rubbed his cheeks with and took to bed with him. And of course, Violet could not be outdone and asked if the second washcloth I made could be for her -- so her Barbie dolls could have a blanket. And then Mazy told me he thought it looked like fun and he wanted to learn to do it, which I really love! I might try to teach him. I bet he'd be good at it. 

And today, we woke up and had a big breakfast, followed by family house cleaning. Then while Violet napped, Mazy and I went out shopping for outdoor decorations and so Mazy could pick out a Christmas present for Shawn. We also stopped at Panera for lunch. 

Mazy turns 11 on Tuesday... I still can't believe he's getting that old!!

When Mazy and I returned, we put put up three new strands of lights in the house and back porch, cut fresh greenery for the house and porch, and wired two big candy cane decorations to our front stoop. Then I started a tortelleni and vegetable soup for supper, and baked some rolls that I'd had rising. With all that done, it was time to wake up Violet and take her and Bo shopping for birthday presents for Mazy and Christmas presents for Shawn.

The stores at 6 p.m. were VERY crowded. We went to Gordman's and Michael's. At each place, the line for the cashiers was about 25 people long... But Bo and Violet did great! They picked out their presents and didn't even whine or ask for anything for themselves. We also bought a wreath for our front door and some floral decorations to add to the greenery. I can now say that our house is decorated inside and out! It hasn't looked this good in years! 

And now, Bo is waiting for me to help him wrap Mazy's birthday present so I better get going. Another busy week ahead. Hope you all are having a great December so far!

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