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Friday, August 14, 2015

So Long Summer


It's been awhile -- like a month and a half. :) Summer break has come and gone. We've been to Adventureland many times. We've spent many Friday afternoons at the farm swimming -- today was one of them! We've cleaned our house over and over and over. But still haven't sold it. We've bought school supplies. Shopped for school clothes. And taken first day of school photos. The State Fair is here. The sun is setting a little earlier each night. Pretty soon we'll be watching Green Bay Packer games and searching for our sweatshirts.

We're looking for homes in Nevada, but haven't found The One. We'll check out another on Sunday. This home selling and buying business is for the birds... Our enthusiasm to keep the house clean and show-ready is quickly going away. We haven't even had one offer! And it's been on the market for three months....

We're heading to a family reunion tomorrow on Shawn's side. I need to wake up early to make Grandma Betty's chocolate cake.

And that's about it, friends. It was a great summer. We enjoyed it and look forward to what the fall brings. See ya!

First Day of School 


Water fun at Central Library in downtown Des Moines

Shopping at the mall

Posing for cousin Kael's birthday text

4th of July concussion, admittance to the hospital, double CAT scans and then a clean bill of health the next day, thankfully!

Inflatable hammer from Adventureland

Licking the spoon of the 4th of July chocolate cake

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