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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day After Vacation ... And I Am Exhausted!

Hello everybody! It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Des Moines -- the sun is shining, the weeds are growing and Violet is napping. Life is good.

We had an awesome vacation.

While the skies opened and poured seven inches of rain upon central Iowa, we were up on the sunny lake enjoying the views of Big Spirit and Little Spirit lakes. The three-bedroom house we rented was great. The kitchen was big and well-equipped so I enjoyed making almost all our meals (we only ate out for lunch on the drive to Spirit Lake and on Friday night). The living room was a little small, but it was big enough for the kids to watch movies when they were taking a break from the lake. Each morning they had a blast swimming in the lake and jumping off the dock. The lake was very shallow -- which was perfect! Violet could walk all the way to the end of the 20-foot dock and the water was only up to her chest! It was the perfect place for us. And there was a red canoe!

Big thanks to my mom who joined me for the entire week, and Shawn who only got two days in the lake house (but truth be told, that was probably the right amount of time for him). And to my kids, who may have begged for technology every chance they got, but who thoroughly embraced lake life and summer vacation. Hooray! We had a real summer vacation just like I wanted!

On vacation, we

Ate ice cream!

Put down all the seats in the van 

Discovered a drive-in theater

In the middle of nowhere!

Stayed up late to watch Jurassic World

And ate popcorn and pop!

We visited a laundromat and walked around downtown Spirit Lake

We celebrated Bo's birthday with root beer cupcakes made by my mom 

We went to the local bookstore

We colored

We blew bubbles

We went to the amusement park

We played skee ball

We threw footballs

Bo won!

Mazy didn't.... But he did win at skee ball!

We saluted summer and enjoyed hanging out together. 

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