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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birthday Season Approaches

So much for blogging more frequently. It's Sunday afternoon. Shawn is getting groceries. Violet is upstairs sort of napping. The boys are bickering and watch The Goonies. I need to finish taxes and fold laundry.

But I finally had Mazy write a new blog post on his blog, Mazy's Food Adventures, about our trip to the outlet mall and lunch at the Landmark Restaurant near it. So I figured if he blogged, then I should blog, too.

We've had a busy weekend -- Saturday we were in Panora for Grandpa Keith's 83rd birthday. My Aunt Bev was also celebrating her 81st birthday, but unfortunately she and her husband came down with the flu and missed the party. The rest of us had a great time though -- my Aunt Cindy from Mississippi was home for the week. I always love to see her and catch up on all my Southern cousins and their lives. Many of my second cousins were there as well, and it was great to catch up with them.

After the party and watching the ISU women's basketball game, we headed to my parents' farm for chili and sandwiches. It was a late night and we all slept in until 9 or so this morning. We had a family bonding experience of putting away clothes and cleaning up the kids' room. Violet discovered one of the dolls she received for Christmas -- one that came with three outfits that she'd never taken out of the packages. She was very excited to try on the different outfits and make Mazy play dolls with her.

The weather has turned cold again. We weren't able to work on the garage this weekend... The next two weekends we have birthday parties planned for Violet so we'll just have to see what we have time to get done. I am getting very anxious to finish the garage inventory, clear out the rest of the debris and get the new garage built so we can SELL THIS HOUSE!!!!

OK, I need to get back to work. A few pics from the party yesterday that Shawn took with his phone. The rest of the pictures are on our camera, which I will get downloaded soon.

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