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Monday, March 10, 2014

Beautiful Day, Unfortunate Discovery

It was 60 degrees in Iowa today and you better believe every man, woman and child was outside basking in the sunshine! What a wonderful taste of spring! Driving home tonight, I saw kids riding bikes, kids pulling younger siblings in wagons, men walking dogs, women barbecuing, families everywhere!

We postponed dinner so we could work on the garage fire inventory -- not as fun as riding bikes or pulling wagons or barbecuing but all of those items of ours were burnt up in fire anyway, but it was still enjoyable to be outdoors.

It was enjoyable until I opened a charred box and discovered that all of my scrapbooks had been stored in the garage.... Ugh. I was so sure I had put all of those in the basement for storage, but at the last minute we must have taken them to the garage instead.

One, the amount of money wrapped up in those scrapbooks is crazy -- the expensive albums, page protectors, paper, embellishments, stickers, photos, artwork, etc... Two, the time I spent making those albums for the kids is pretty high as well. I always wrote captions and stories in my handwriting, which isn't pretty, but that's not the point. I'm sure I can reprint most of the photos, thanks to digital photography. But it still just makes me sick. Darn it! We just can't seem to catch a break.

We also uncovered very charred boxes of lots of my childhood stuff that Mom must have given to me -- old school papers, sticker albums, the doll my aunt Sherie sewed for me, some of my teddy bear collection, lots of my early 4-H projects like crocheted placemats and fancy fabric jewelry boxes. There's no salvaging any of it. The last bad discovery was the tote full of all of Mazy's school work and drawings. Some of Bo's would be in there too, but the majority is Mazy's from the past 6 years. The plastic tote was completely destroyed but I kind of pried the lid open and saw that some of the papers don't look burned. I couldn't pull it all the way out, but there's a chance that the contents didn't burn. That would be awesome! He is so proud of those and can tell you the story behind every single one of them. Shawn is buying new plastic bins tomorrow so we can salvage anything that we find.

Finally, to end on a high note, here are a couple pics of my little sunshines -- we may have lost a lot of things in the fire, but these three came through it safe and sound. Happy last week of winter, everyone!

 Look at this girl. She is so sweet and getting so big! She is finally big enough to wear her pink cowboy boots and she agreed to wear jeans for the first time! 

 Miss Vi climbing the inflatable wall at Monkey Joe's. 

 Look at this outfit that Shawn dressed her in one day.... She loved it of course. I think I'm in trouble. 

 I can't remember if I posted these, but I had to have something of the boys! This was taken the night of the fire, obviously before the fire when we were all still happy and enjoying Chinese New Year. 

We even partook in the Chinese New Year tradition of red envelopes with money in them! 

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