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Thursday, January 30, 2014

This, That and A Great Thursday for All

Our household loves Thursdays. And here's why. The weekend is in sight. There might be a new episode of Big Bang Theory to watch. We get our Prudent Produce delivery of fruits and veggies! (This week's included rainbow carrots!!) We've usually polished off the leftovers from earlier in the week and have one final homecooked meal before treating ourselves to take-out on Friday. (Tonight was our awesome homemade chicken potpie.) And on a chart, I am sure our moods are at our highest on this day -- anticipation of Friday is nearly as good as Friday!

Bo has had three excellent days in a row at school. Hooray! Mazy had his 9-year-checkup this afternoon. Shawn took him and then they both came home and worked like crazy to get supper in the oven, wash big pots/pans, unload the dishwasher, organize the entryway, put away books and toys, and generally be all-around-awesome guys. I think Shawn rewarded him with Moon Pies, of all things...

And finally, tonight was tally up donations for the American Heart Association. Bo raised $110 and Mazy raised $150! Mazy promised his donors that he would jump rope for two minutes for every dollar raised. Well, even with my poor math skills I can figure out that he has a LOT of jumping in his future. One of the prizes he earned is a new jump rope, so that will come in very handy.

And last but not least, some 10-day-old birthday photos from Shawn's 38th birthday this month.

 A little tiny birthday cake.

 Sometimes it's fun to show the reject photos. ;)

This was in the 5-minute long ordeal of trying to talk Violet into sitting with Shawn for a Daddy/kids photo. She was not very willing that night. 

 She joined them! Just in time, the candles are getting short...

 Shawn opening one of his presents that Mazy picked out. Unfortunately he already had it so he returned it for something else.

 This is what Violet thought of the party. She wouldn't even eat her little tiny slice of cake!

 And this is Bo with his American Heart Association donation envelope. He is so excited!

And here's Mazy with his envelope. They'll turn them in tomorrow. 

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