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Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Unemployment Day to Me!

I am no longer an employee of anywhere! For three days, I can officially say I am unemployed. That's not normally something that would make most of us happy but since I will again be employed on Monday, I'm going to enjoy my unemployment!

My plans were to have lunch today with many of my favorite former co-workers, but as life often does, it decided to remind me that while I might be taking a day off from my career, my job as mother is alive and kicking. Sweet Violet is down with a cold -- low-grade fever, hacking cough and general unhappiness. She's napping now.

Actually, it was a good reminder that jobs may come and go, but what's important is prioritizing the right things in life -- family, friends and fun.

So to that end, I'm spending today with my favorite girl, I'm making plans for lunches and Super Bowl parties with friends and family, and I'm searching for fun new recipes and crafting projects! I love unemployment!

Yesterday our first shipment of organic veggies/fruit arrived from Prudent Produce. We are in love with them! What a handy, convenient service for our family. I also ordered a farm fresh whole chicken and some banana chips. So now I'm looking for recipes for all of our great new produce!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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