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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Giving, Giving and Gone!

We have embraced the giving season this month.

Two weeks ago, the boys collected canned goods for Combat Hunger and carried them into school each day. We let them pick out a bunch of items at the store, and their Grandma Belinda sent home lots as well so overall they probably took in 50-60 items for a great cause.

While at Caribou Coffee last week, I donated a pound of Reindeer Blend to the troops. And bought a latte for myself. :)

The after-school program at the boys' school is collecting money and toys for a couple of families this Christmas. They are looking for new items, as well as gently used items. So this morning Bo and I went through a bunch of toys and have two big bags to take to school on Monday. Bo also found all kinds of little toys and items that he is donating to Violet's preschool for the "treasure chests" that they use to reward kids for good behavior.

My company has adopted three families for Christmas and I signed up to bring in gifts for the 9-year-old girl. She has Barbies and Monster High Dolls on her list. We're also hoping to raise enough money to give each family a $150 Hy-Vee gift card for their holiday meal.

Last night I attended a shopping fundraiser for Gigi's Playhouse in Des Moines -- a really great organization for families who live with Down Syndrome. It was a sacrifice, but I did my part by buying Violet an adorable new dress, some frosted cookies for the kids and some Pampered Chef items for me. :)

Next on our list is to go through a bunch of our old baby clothes, toys and baby stuff and make boxes for some young mothers who need a little assistance.

And after that, I don't know what's next. But the boys are in the mindset to help others so I am going to give them as many opportunities as possible to do it.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know.

Let's see, what else is going on? Yesterday I took the boys to my aunt and uncle's house for Mazy's cookbook photo shoot. It's nice to have that chore off our list.

This morning, we finally moved my big oak hope chest into the front porch so I can FINALLY create some kind of entryway/organization area to corral that nightmare that is coats, shoes, school bags, hats, gloves, papers, lunch boxes, and all the other junk we use on a daily basis that gets thrown into a huge, cluttered, confusing mess. I think Bo is going to go shopping with me. He's such a good helper!

Looking forward to Thanksgiving this week. I have Tuesday off -- so it will be a two-day work week for me! The boys are out of school after Tuesday so they'll be joining Shawn at work on Wednesday. We're off to my sister's house for turkey on Thursday. I'd like to support Shop Local Saturday and do some more Christmas shopping.

I think that catches you up. Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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