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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harvest Time on the Farm

I've lost track of what day it is -- farm life makes me stop paying attention to the days of the week, especially when I'm on vacation! I think it's Wednesday. We've had a busy and fun day! Woke up at 8. Violet slept all night again. Whoohoo! Made the kids bacon and eggs for breakfast. We had a lazy morning, put Violet down for a nap and then got everybody dressed and ready for lunch at Grandma Maxine and Grandpa Pud's house.

Grandma made us chicken and noodles, homemade mashed potatoes and fresh green beans with bacon! Yum, yum, yum. And for dessert, her oatmeal raisin cookies and famous chocolate chip cookies. It was delightful to be back in Grandma's kitchen. I was very happy when Mazy told her how delicious the lunch was, as I have bragged about both my grandma's outstanding cooking skills for most of his life.

After lunch, Grandpa and the boys picked a bunch of apples at the neighbor's house. It was a very gray, cold and gloomy day. Violet helped me wash dishes. Mom, Grandma and I enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee together over the kitchen table. It was really nice.

By 2:30, Violet was starting to get ornery and tired so we headed back to the farm. It seemed warmer out so we put Violet down for a nap and the boys helped Mom with yard work. They cut down small trees, swept out the garage, organized the toys in the garage, helped dig potatoes, picked the last of the tomatoes, and picked the pumpkins. Violet never slept, so after helping pull weeds for awhile, I got her up and we walked to the field behind the house to watch Grandpa combine. We rode with him for a couple rounds in the field. It's been a long, long time since I've ridden in the combine. It was fun. I have quite a few pics that I'll try to download tonight. The sky was so gray and cloudy... Moments after we got out of the combine and joined the boys on the big bales, the sun came out! And now it's shining and beautiful outside.

Shawn is on his way to the farm for supper. He wanted to watch the new Toy Story Halloween special that's on tonight with the boys. We're having a new recipe, fajita casserole. It sounds delicious!

Well, Violet is super ornery and trying to pound on my computer, so here are just a few pics from earlier in the week at the farm. More to come!

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