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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vacation's All They Ever Wanted

On Sunday, the boys, Mom and I will be departing for a mini vacation in Minneapolis. Well, not so much a vacation for me -- since I am technically there for a work conference that I will be attending Monday through Wednesday -- but a great little vacation for the other three.

The boys are PSYCHED!!! This is Bo's first big city vacation -- Mazy has been to Cape Cod, New Orleans and Chicago. Poor Bo has only been to Kansas City, and then we stayed in the suburbs with my sister. So I am very excited to get him into a big city and relive the excitement through his eyes.

I think we've decided to skip football on Sunday (I know, it's terrible...) but I want to get on the road before 5 p.m. -- which is when Mazy gets done with football. So I think we'll head out after lunch now and get up there before dark. Then we'll have time to eat at a fun restaurant that night. Stay tuned for food blogs from Mazy and Bo next week!

Today I spent a little time researching some fun activities and restaurants for us. My conference ends at 5:00 each day so we'll have a couple hours in the evening for exploring. I know we are for sure going to the Mall of America one night -- there's a Lego store there, how could we not visit that?

Here are a few places I've targeted, but we are very open for suggestions. Any favorite downtown Minneapolis restaurants or activities you'd recommend? We'll try anything once!

Downtown Minneapolis

What I'll be doing:

Where we'll be staying:

Where we'll be spending the boys' leftover Christmas money:
Lego store at Mall of America

How we'll travel from Downtown Minneapolis to the Mall of America:

Where I hope Mom and the boys will spend a morning or afternoon:

Where I hope we get to eat one meal:

Where the boys "really, really, really" want to eat:
Ichiban sushi restaurant with the famous floating boats of sushi

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