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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three Days to Minneapolis!

Thanks to one of my high school/college buddies -- Jen -- we have new possibilities for our Minneapolis trip!

Children's bookstore with all kinds of little creatures running around! 
Sure to be a favorite with the boys!

Nightly free music concerts throughout the summer! 
How great is that! The boys love outdoor concerts and big open spaces 
where they can run around like miniature crazed maniacs... 

Conveniently located next to Wild Rumpus bookstore, Jen recommends this great kid-friendly restaurant. Their kids menu has $1 ants on a log!

Yesterday I rented a car for the trip -- no sense putting the miles on the van, it has enough already... The car rental place by our house is only open from 9 to noon on Saturday and is closed on Sunday. So somehow we need to pick up the car and attend Bo's preschool graduation at 10.... Unfortunately, the graduation is way across town and will take about a half-hour to get there. 

Last year's end of school graduation/program was packed... There was nowhere to park and nowhere to sit. Shawn took Mazy and sat up front. I had Violet -- who was tiny -- in the back of the church. Keep in mind, Bo's school only had about 50 kids last year. At the end of the summer, the school moved and expanded. It now has over 200 kids... I have no idea where all these families are going to park or sit. Guess we'll find out!

Oh, and the rain continues to fall in Iowa. It is officially the rainiest spring on record in 142 years. Story County received 11.4 inches of rain in four days! The Des Moines River is totally out of its banks. The Raccoon River, which I cross to get to work, it out of its banks. Fleur Drive, which I drive on every day, is expected to close tomorrow morning when the river crests at 18 feet over the flood plain. Very reminiscent of the summer of 2004 when Bo was born.

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