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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Terrific Tuesday Night

First, before I forget, Mazy's sense of humor has progressed to a higher, even more hilarious level. He is funnier than many adults I know. I love watching his personality grow and change!

Tonight after I picked him up, he was fairly bursting with pride because his teacher pulled him aside at PE and told him she was very proud of him, and he was making very good choices. He was so thrilled to tell me this story. And when we picked up Bo, he wanted me to tell Bo the story. And then the second we arrived at home, he wanted me to tell Shawn about it. After I told Shawn, he said, "I think the reason I'm being so helpful to people is because I feel bad for the poor kids in that book."

Each night the boys and I have been reading about one or two of the families in Material World. Last night we covered Uzbekistan and Vietnam. Bo is all about fighting the country on the world map, and looking at the pictures. Mazy likes reading about the families, and then the photographer's notes about his visit with them. It is really interesting.

Anyway, Bo also had a good day at preschool so we celebrated by playing a game of Trouble! tonight after supper. Poor Violet was so, so tired and drank a bottle and then cried until we put her to bed at 6:30 or so. Poor thing! She ate a lot of daycare today though, so hopefully she'll be content through the night. But I won't bet on it.

Tonight we had awesome roasted green beans with supper! Seriously, they were so good. As good as the sauteed green beans you get from the Chinese restaurants. We also had mashed potatoes and three meat leftovers -- hot wings from Sunday, three frozen tilapia filets and three cheddar polish sausages from Saturday. Oh, the polish sausages are turkey ones and they only have 6 grams of fat each, and they are awesome!!! Seriously, you should look for them at the store.

Weekend plan are starting to fall into place. Saturday is Shawn's Ultimate Board Game Bootcamp with the sci-fi guys. It goes all day and into the night, so I'm taking the gang out to the farm. Mom and Dad are watching my niece Theron and nephew Hudson while Heidi and Steve are in San Francisco for a long weekend. No idea what the weather will be like, but we're looking forward to a day at the farm.

OK, time to get some work started. Have a great Wednesday!

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