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Thursday, January 24, 2013

On the Sixth Day, She Blogged

Well jeez, sorry about that long delay. I can blame it on many things, but the biggest culprit was our Internet connection. It's been awful lately!!! So slow that it wouldn't even load my blog pages for me to make updates. Ridiculous! But I think we've got it working again.

So, fast recap:

  • I had a four-day weekend last week. It was fabulous.
  • I took the kids to the farm on Saturday. While Violet napped and Bo hung out with Mom and his cousin Hudson, I took Mazy and my niece Theron to the Arganbright's farm. I chatted with Andy, Tony, Jeff and Bev, while Mazy and Theron played outside in the incredibly warm almost 60-degree weather. It was so stinkin' nice on Saturday. It was a fun day.
  • Sunday we were home and doing something... I can't remember what. Maybe some laundry? Oh, and I kept tracing pattern pieces for Violet's quilt, pillows and wall-hangings in her future room. I think I also worked in the basement for an hour.
  • Monday was Shawn's birthday. And MLK Jr. Day. Mazy and I did not have school or work. So we kept Bo home with us, and headed north to Nevada to take Shawn out for his birthday lunch. His parents joined us, and ended up buying lunch for all of us. Thanks again, Belinda and Dwayne! We went to a really cool locally owned, sustainable-focused restaurant, The Cafe. You can read Mazy's review about it here. Monday night we had Shawn's birthday supper at home with vanilla bean cupcakes for dessert. Then he opened his presents. 
  • Tuesday it was back to work and school. I had nine meetings in one day.... Ridiculous. 
  • Wednesday was more of the same.
  • That brings us to today. Another cold, cold day. More meetings. Violet's daycare had a "pudding painting" day and sent home an adorable page of photos. Violet is so stinking cute. I know I shouldn't say that, but she really is. 

 Happy birthday to Shawn!

 Look at all those presents! Did I do a good job or what!?!

 This stocking cap was one of her stocking stuffers. It's adorable -- two big fuzzy bunnies cover her ears!

 Violet's gift to her daddy -- a framed heart photo of her. 

The boys decorated a pencil holder and small organizer for Shawn's desk, and also bought him some desk accessories.

Violet ready for pudding play at daycare today.

 Violet after pudding play.

 Violet after they took away her pudding.

 This is the photo collage they sent home with her. Cute, isn't it! I love her daycare. They're so fun and do a great job of recording her days there.

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