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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mid-Week Musings

We're doing a great job of cooking at home this week — taco salad Monday, curry Tuesday and tonight was linguini with steamed brocoli and chicken. We also had a small cheese and fruit platter, and Stam's dark chocolate for dessert. :)  Shawn and I separately thought we should have a treat tonight. He bought the expensive chocolates. I bought the expensive cheese. What can I say, great minds think alike.

Last night's curry was kind of bland. Which was totally a bummer. We have a terrible record with crockpot recipes... It had two tablespoons of curry in it! It smelled delicious. It looked delicious and very authentic. But then we tasted it and it was just, eh. The naan bread we bought to go with it was delicious. The boys loved that. They were troopers and tried the curry but were not too impressed.

Anyway, after supper we put Violet to bed and played a game of Sorry! with the boys. They've been so great this week about eating supper, helping clean up supper and getting along well.

So what's coming this weekend? Friday night movie will be Lord of the Rings Part 3. Saturday will probably be cleaning and sorting toys in the AM. The Packers play the 49ers that night. We're deciding what to do for the game. I think I'll make hotwings for us. Maybe some potato skins. Yum! Or. Here's an idea! We could have a Wisconsin-themed meal! Oh that would be so much fun! I'll ask the boys and Shawn what they prefer. Hopefully on Sunday I'll get to work on Violet's quilt. Or Bo's quilt. Or Mazy's quilt. I have plenty of projects to keep me busy. I could also sort through the giant pile of Halloween and Christmas decorations and stuff in the basement.

That's all from us. Hope you have a great Thursday!

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