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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Weather Advisory!

First things first, happy birthday to my wonderful and dear Uncle Tobin on Cape Cod! Hope you enjoyed your day of fun in Boston!

And now on to the big news of the day, we're in a winter weather advisory!!! Whoohooo!! I hope the weatherman is actually right this time and we get a bunch of snow tomorrow night. I love snow before Christmas! And the boys would be so, so excited if they could build snowmen, go sledding, make snow angels and play snow football. So fingers crossed for snow!!

How about a fast family update: Violet has been sick since last Friday. She developed a fever at daycare that afternoon. Shawn picked her up and I met them at the pediatrician's office. Poor Violet. Not only did she have an ear infection but she also has bronchialitis. The doc prescribed a nebulizer to help open her airways and end the wheezing and difficulty breathing. We've been giving her treatments very regularly and she seems to finally be feeling a little better today. I stayed home with her yesterday, with the company of my dear mom, and today Shawn stayed home with her. We are hoping she's OK to go to daycare tomorrow.

On Sunday, we went to Shawn's parents' house to make Christmas cookies with his sister Sandy and our niece Tori. Bo helped us make all the thumbprint cookies and chocolate-covered cherry cookies. What a great baking assistant he is! Mazy and Shawn watched the Packers game. Violet napped and crawled all over.

Really that's about all that's happening. The excitement of Christmas is in the air! I only have two more work days left, and then I am off Dec. 21 until Jan. 2!! I can't wait! Have a great Wednesday and here's hoping for snow!

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