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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow! Snow! Snow!!!!!

I feel like a kid again. The excitement of a snowstorm. The anticipation of a snow day. The joy of running to the window just to make sure the snowflakes are still falling. I love a good snowstorm!! And if the weather people are even half right, this one is not going to disappoint. Bring it on! I got groceries last night. I finished shopping yesterday. We can be snowed in for days and life would be just great!

The boys and I made gingerbread people tonight. Bo named his River Violet, and made her a girl. Mazy named his Ronde Tiki (after some football players) and made his all by himself. I should point out that we did not have good frosting bags. This was a kit that came with frosting in a packet and you cut the corner off. Mazy was a trooper and did his frosting by himself. Bo asked me to help with his frosting, but he did all the candy decorating. He has also already eaten the hairline off his gingerbread girl.

Here are some recent pics of our holiday happenings:

 I can't remember what she was eating here... It seems rather large for little Violet. 

 Last Friday Bo, Violet and I went to Heidi's house to borrow her nebulizer for Violet. On the way, I told Bo he could get a cookie from Smokey Row. We went through the drive-through. I had no idea a $1.79 cookie would be the size of his head....

 Blurry, but so sweet!

 Making cookies at Grandma Belinda's house.

Bo's thumbprint cookies! 

We'll be back tomorrow and hopefully we'll have snow angels, snowmen and sledding photos to share with you! Night-night!

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