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Monday, December 24, 2012

Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even a Mouse

It's 11:16 p.m. on Christmas Eve. The children are tucked into their beds, dreaming of Legos and Halo guys and big piles of wrapping paper to play in. I have just finished wrapping the final 8 Santa presents -- in special holiday paper that is only to be used for Santa gifts. I also have finished wrapping the last few gifts from me and Shawn. And now, I just need to fill the stockings and make designated "present areas" for each child. When they wake up tomorrow morning, they will see their pile of toys and presents from Santa and can dig right in. After the novelty of those new gifts has worn off, we'll pick up the papers, organize the toys and get started on all the presents under the tree. Ahhh, Christmas. I love it!

Let me very quickly catch you up on the last few days:

1. We had a humdinger of a blizzard last Thursday!! It was awesome. Even my work closed that day! Schools closed Thursday and Friday. On Thursday afternoon, our power went out. Shawn wanted to wrap the children warmly and go to bed early (that was at 4 p.m....). I wanted to go to a hotel. I won. We went to Hilton Garden Inn that has a pool. The roads weren't great getting there, but the ol' minivan did just fine. We swam, went out to eat and had a pretty good night in the hotel room together. The power was back on Friday so after swimming in the morning, we headed home.

2. We had Christmas at the farm on Sunday. It was a blast. Lots of good food and drinks and great presents. Mazy found the hidden pickle on the tree and scored $20 from Grandma Katy and his own bag of M&Ms. Bo received $5 for looking for the pickle, as did the other grandchildren who participated.

3. Shawn woke up with some kind of bug today. Bummer for him. We cleaned all morning in anticipation of Shawn's parents coming tomorrow for brunch. When his condition did not improve by late afternoon, we sadly called his parents and asked to postpone the brunch. We did not want them catching whatever he has. He napped most of the afternoon and the kids and I played and watched TV. Late in the afternoon, Bo and I made a flourless chocolate torte. Mazy and I tried it tonight. It is super, duper rich. I served it with fresh blackberries -- their slightly sour flavor offset the chocolate superbly. I am excited to have another piece tomorrow! And I hope Shawn feels better so he can sample it. Violet licked the spoon after I melted the dark chocolate. She loved it. A lot. :)

4. We changed our Christmas Eve menu and decided to save it until Shawn was feeling better. So at 5:30, we devised Plan B: Japanese food from a local restaurant. The boys and I had hibachi and sushi. It was good. Shawn watched us eat.

OK, that catches you up. Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas tomorrow! I can't believe it's Christmas!!!! Where does the time go? I'm loving being home with these crazy kids of mine and look forward to the rest of the week with them. Tomorrow night is Christmas at Grandma Maxine's house.

Oh, that reminds me, today is Grandpa and Grandma's anniversary. I think it might be 66 years or something. I'll find out tomorrow.

Merry Christmas and to all a good night!!!!

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  1. I found a pickle ornament in our box this year, and told Porter I would hide it for him to find each morning. Pretty sure that happened 3 times. I knew I'd be horrible at Elf on the Shelf, and this confirmed it. :)