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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Picnic at the Park!

My employer was only open until noon today so that was awesome! Mazy came to work with me this morning and played on his Kindle Fire until I was finished. We had a fun lunch with my friend Leslie and then picked up Violet and Bo and headed to my sister's house to enjoy today's incredibly wonderful and warm weather!

70 degrees! That's how warm it was! Oh it was a great day for going to the park! Since they live just minutes from Jester State Park, we took the kids to the Natural Playscape, which is a really neat all-natural playground. The kids loved it. Mom joined us and she brought an awesome picnic for everyone! We had watermelon, grapes, fresh veggies, almonds, cheese and crackers, go-gurts and cheesy popcorn. The kids loved it. They ran and played and ran some more. Violet loved being out in the sunshine. It was the perfect way to kick-off a long holiday weekend!

Tonight, Bo and I made a chocolate pecan pie for tomorrow. I screwed it up the first time... Forgot to temper the eggs before adding them to the sugar mixture. But to my credit, the recipe did not mention that at all!!! We ended up with egg drop pecan filling the first time. So we dumped that (it was just butter, sugar and corn syrup at that point) and made it again successfully. Bo is such a good helper in the kitchen! Tomorrow morning I'll make a coconut cream pie, and paint that front step I've been talking about all week. Tonight I swept it really well so it would be ready to go.

OK, it's midnight, I need to get to bed. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! I am thankful for every person in the photos below, and many others who are not pictured.

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