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Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Look!

Well what do you think of the new look? I thought I'd try something new — it's the style I hope to use for my future kitchen one day! I love that 1930s turquoise, red and green color palette. I've slowly collected a few items at antique shows. One day I will have it!

Right now I have about 20 minutes before we leave to meet Cooper in Ankeny. He's Mazy's best friend and today is the much-anticipated play date for the two of them. Mazy wants to take him to McDonald's for lunch and to the indoor play area there. Apparently hamburgers are Cooper's favorite food. And then since it's so beautiful out we're going to go explore some local parks. Bo is going with us for lunch but I'm not sure about the rest. He is very slowly recovering from strep throat. He is very tired still, and quite whiny...

Cooper's mom just called. Now Cooper's little brother Otto is joining us for lunch as well! Which is great because Otto is 3-1/2 and should be a good playmate for Bo. They've never met before so I'm excited to find brothers close in age to our boys!

The Handyman and his wife are here finishing up the front door. They've already replaced the two loose shingles. Next, they'll work on the quarter-round in the kitchen. He's also going to tighten the bannister on the front entryway so they're not so wiggly. Then tomorrow I will paint the steps and spray paint the bannisters. Can't wait to see how it all looks!

Also this morning, we raked the front yard and bagged up all the leaves. Violet took a nice long morning nap for us so that enabled the rest of us to work fast to get it finished. The boys and I also got all the branches from our tree/bush trimming weekend thrown into the back of the work truck Shawn borrowed from work, and we tossed all the pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns in as well. 

This week I think I'll buy some mulch and get the front landscaping finished up before winter. Few more bushes that need trimmed, and always weeds to be pulled... 

Aahh, a homeowner's work is never done. But for now I will go get Violet, who I hear talking upstairs and then head to McDonald's for the double play date! Have a great Saturday everyone!

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