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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Go Cyclones Go!

The score is 6 to 3 – the Cyclones are winning. After a very busy and productive morning, it is nice to sit in the living with Shawn and the kids and watch the football game. Shawn is trying to explain the rules to Mazy. I predict Mazy will understand football by the end of the game, whereas his mother has been watching it for 30 years and still doesn't get it...

So, we woke up fairly early this morning, Shawn made us all breakfast and then we went to the Iowa State fairgrounds. We dropped Shawn off at the flea market, and then me and the kids went to the big play area. What a beautiful morning!!! Oh, it felt like fall, it looked like fall and it smelled like fall! I LOVE this time of year!

The boys played and ran and climbed and rolled and wrestled and chased and explored and hollered to their hearts content. It was great. Violet and I watched and walked and practiced sitting up. That girl is trying hard to crawl! She gets up on all fours, she reaches her hand forward, she rocks back and forth, she'll be moving before too long.

Well, back to the game. Have a great Saturday everyone!

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