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Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Yankee Doodle Pops Day!!

Three years ago, on a Sunday afternoon before the 4th, I saw something on the news about the annual Yankee Doodle Pops symphony concert at the Des Moines Capitol. I'd always wanted to attend and now I finally had a little sidekick who was willing to go with me. So on a whim, I packed up Mazy, left baby Bo with Shawn and went to the Capitol grounds. I grabbed a blanket, a lawn chair, two bottles of water and a couple granola bars on our way out.

It was one of the most fun nights Mazy and I have had together. We had a blast! And we decided to make it our Fourth of July tradition. Basically, we just sat around and enjoyed the music and the people-watching and all the interesting statues and monuments at the Capitol. And then, when it was finally dark, we snuggled on the lawn chair under our blanket and watched the awesome fireworks display!!

Here are a few photos I took that evening. Mazy was 4-1/2 years old, about the same age as Bo now. You will likely see an uncanny resemblance...

 In the shadows, I thought this was a photo of Bo! You will see in the next photo that he really, really needed a haircut. Poor kid. 

In 2010, we invited my mom to join us, and my aunt Sherie and her family. This time, I planned a far better menu for our evening -- fancy cheeses, olives, good bread, delicious cookies, etc. It was a cool evening, beautiful weather and again, we had a fabulous time. But I didn't take any photos that year.

In 2011, it was hot on the day of Yankee Doodle Pops. I made an executive decision to skip it. Mazy has been talking about it ever since...

In 2012, it's hotter than hell but we're going! It's Tuesday night. My sister is coming up from Kansas City to join us with her daughter. (Hudson will be at the farm -- too hot for that little guy.) My brother is sending his oldest son Kael to join us. My aunt Sherie and her family are coming. And I've heard rumors that my Uncle Doug and his daughter Marla may show up as well. And for the first time ever, Mr. Bo Hanson will be making an appearance! I'm so excited to take him. He's at the age where fireworks and getting to stay up really late are like the ultimate things to do. I can't wait!

I bought a lot of the food tonight and will get the rest tomorrow. Heidi is bringing a bunch as well. We'll look for shade and take plenty of water for those crazy kids. And a big thermos of sangria for us adults. :) I can't wait!

Enjoy your 4th of July plans, everyone!

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