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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I'll make this quick -- I'm elbow-deep in cake pop glaze and sprinkles... The boys are helping me decorate chocolate cake pops for our 4th of July BBQ at Aunt Jean and Uncle Doug's house this afternoon. Twelve down, 20 to go... These little suckers are time consuming....

So, last night was Yankee Doodle Pops at the Capitol. It was awesome! I won't lie -- my sister and I had our doubts about taking five kids under the age of 10 to an outdoor concert with temps nearing 100 degrees. This year I was more strategic about our spot -- we went to the main festival grounds right by the Capitol building and chose a big ol' oak tree to set up our camp. We were in the shade all afternoon/evening, fairly close to a big speaker so we could hear the music perfectly but also were able to talk and yell at our children when needed, AND, most importantly, we were just a short walk away from a line of much-needed portajohns. We had those kids drinking water every 10 minutes so the bathroom factor was a big deal. It was perfect!

Favorite moments:

  • Seeing 100,000 Iowans with their families enjoying old-fashioned entertainment -- live music in the great outdoors with all their picnic foods and supplies. It's not something you see often anymore. It's an amazing event.
  • Bo running up to me with a stick and tapping it on my heart and saying, "I'm touching your heart because you're my precious."  (Oh that boy can be sweet!)
  • Eating delicious fancy cheese, an awesome French baguette, salty olives and quinoa salad in the shade of the Capitol, under a giant oak tree with my sister and my uncle, with our kids laughing in the background to the tune of beautiful live music.
  • Watching the fireworks show with Bo, Mazy and Kael. If you have never watched a fireworks display with young boys, you are missing out on one of the most joyful moments of life! Their excitement was beyond contagious. We ooohed and aahhed and clapped and yelled nonstop through the show. They were all so excited and amazed at each new explosion. It. Was. Awesome. At the end of it all, Kael turned to my boys and said, "That was an awesome night. Can we do it again next year?"
Due to the heat and the amount of stuff we were already carrying, I didn't take my camera. But fortunately Heidi took a photo of the kids that I just love:

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