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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Family!

I'm behind on photos! But here are some of my favorite pics from my niece and nephew's birthday party during Memorial Day weekend.

Before we get to the photos though, a couple of quick updates:
  • Thursday night, despite the rain and cool temps, we decided to take the family to the Valley Junction Farmers Market. What fun! There was hardly anyone there. Unfortunate for the vendors but great for us! The boys had umbrellas that they used for about five minutes. Violet was covered and cozy in her stroller and slept the entire time. The boys got some delicious treats, including slices of pizza, samosas and kettle corn. We bought green onions, zucchini, free range eggs, and fresh blueberries! I highly recommend going to that market -- it's a totally different group of vendors.
  • Friday I surprised Bo and did not take him to daycare so he could instead spend the day at the farm with me and Violet. My aunt Sherie and her son Luke were also there, and my brother Troy and his son Kael dropped by as well. Between all of us, we were able to plant about 8 planters for mom's decks and I painted her two outside doors. She is feeling pretty good after her first chemo treatment and her only complaint was running out of steam earlier than usual. Go Mom Go!
  • This morning was Bo's end of year/graduation party from Lil Scholars Preschool. He was not graduating, as he has another year to go. It was in a big church south of Des Moines and I bet there were 300 people there! It was packed! Bo's class had three songs to sing. Bo stood there and did not open his mouth or do any of the hand movements... The expression on his face seemed to say, "I will stand here but there is nothing you can say or do that will make me participate in this humiliating experience." Even though I was in the back row, I'm pretty sure he was the only kid not singing or dancing around. It kind of made me happy -- I hated those group sings as a kid as well. :) But we will need to teach him to fake the singing and do the hand movements because it tends to upset the teachers when you don't. 
  • And finally, tonight we had supper at Shawn's sister Denise's house -- thanks Denise and Mark! Bo, Violet and I stayed until about 9. Shawn and Mazy are still there watching movies on our nephew Nick's outdoor movie screen. It's a pretty sweet setup and a perfect weather night for it. 
Phew, and that's it! Happy weekend, everyone!

 Grandma Maxine and Violet (in one of her fancy party outfits!)

 Mazy, Theron and Marla enjoying the first swim of the summer.

 Irelyn -- my brother Bandy's daughter.

 Imersyn -- Irelyn's little sis.

 Mom, Maddox and Grandpa Pud.

 Theron blowing out the candles on her Justin Bieber bday cake. 

 Me and Maddox

 Hudson in his totally cool new hat and sunglasses!

 Theron, Mazy, Hudson and Violet hanging with Grandma Betty at Morrisburg Cemetery.
Theron left her a pinwheel, Mazy left her two dinosaur silly bands (rubber bracelets for those of you who don't have silly band experience).

 Violet Betty with Grandma Betty -- I love this photo! Grandma Betty would have LOVED all these great-grandkids. And they would have loved her.

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