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Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Monday of Maternity Leave

What a bittersweet day... This is my last official week of maternity leave. I have LOVED every minute I have been home with my sweet Violet and my boys. Ten weeks has gone much too fast. Next Monday I begin working from home for two weeks, and then on June 25th, it's back to the grind... Ugh. Oh well, I still have time for fun so that's what I'm doing!

Mom called today and wanted to know if Violet and I could go to lunch with her. We went to Valley Junction for sandwiches at the General Store and then walked around awhile. I'm also toying with the idea of trying to sell the house again and move into something bigger. So we drove around the Valley Junction area and I saw a lot of little neighborhoods that I liked that would probably be priced right for us.

I need to go start supper -- homemade chicken and dumplings tonight! Never made it before but I've always wanted to. Wish me luck!

And here are some photos from the weekend:

 Sweet Violet on the farm last Friday, hanging outside while we planted flowers and painted doors for Mom.

 Mom and her sister Sherie, who did most of the planting. 

 Good ol' Bo -- who was eager to help with anything, especially the painting!

 Little Red and Big Red.  :)

 Bo at his end-of-year preschool program on Saturday morning. I tried to get him to wear nice pants but he wouldn't do it. He relented and wore a polo shirt and that was as good as it got.

 Notice how everyone else is singing and dancing to the music? Not Bo.

While everyone else sang, Bo yawned or had a look that seemed to say, "You can make me stand here, but I will NEVER join in".... At least he wasn't scared and didn't throw a fit or throw someone off the bleachers!

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