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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'Rude Beard' Floats for Everyone!

Happy first day of summer! Whoohooo! I love this day -- summer solstice, longest day of the year, and now it coincides with the start of Mazy's summer vacation from school. To celebrate, I took the boys to A&W for rootbeer floats BEFORE supper! Dessert first! Yahoo! Bo keeps calling them "rude beard" floats. Mazy tried to correct him but I shushed him because I love all of Bo's pronunciations. Another favorite is "grrrilla bars" for granola bars.

I'll tell you about Mazy's last day of school later this week. Today I thought I'd share some photos from a recent baby shower for my dear cousin Jordan, who is due in October! She's having a baby girl -- a new friend and cousin for Violet!

Anyway, a bunch of our family met at On the Border restaurant out at Jordan Creek. Mazy did a review of it today that you should check out over on his blog. I took the boys, Shawn stayed home with Violet -- she had her two-month shots earlier that day. I'm glad we left her at home to recuperate and relax. We were seated next to a table with three babies -- all of whom were screaming and crying as their parents kept ordering another pitcher of margaritas... Young parents, please find babysitters. You will enjoy yourselves so much more and your babies will enjoy themselves much more if you don't haul them to a loud, noisy restaurant. Other than the noise factor, we had a blast. It was a nice night -- we let the kids walk around the pond and feed the ducks when we finished eating.

In other news:
  • Two more days of working from home and then back to the office on Monday. Boohooohooo! Violet says she wants me to stay home with her. She offered to edit my writing for me.  :)
  • Bo's birthday is quickly approaching. All of the desserts have been ordered for his birthday bash on Saturday at the Botanical  Gardens. We're meeting many of the partygoers at Buzzard Billy's for lunch before the party. 
  • Thunderstorms in the forecast tonight. Our weather for the weekend is supposed to be beautiful!
  • My sister and her family are coming to Iowa tomorrow. I think Heidi and I will go to the Valley Junction Farmers Market tomorrow night.
  • The Downtown Arts Festival is this weekend. I think Heidi and I will go to that on Saturday after the party. 
  • Shawn is home for the remainder of the week -- recovering from a "procedure." A procedure that ensures Violet is the last baby in this household.  :)  (Thanks, Shawn!)
  • Bo's actual birthday is Sunday and we have finalized our plan to take him to the zoo and a park for a picnic. His choice for his special day activity. 

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