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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Mazy is back at school this week. Bo is back at daycare/preschool. Violet is sleeping. I need to write fast so I can get some cleaning and laundry finished!

After Friday night's punishment, the boys did improve their behaviors, for the most part.  :) Shawn and Mazy went out Saturday morning for groceries and thrift shopping. I finally almost have the front porch the way I want it! I'll get pictures of it this week so you can see it! I didn't take a "before" photo because it was so awful I didn't want you to see it. But just trust me when I say it is a huge improvement! And the boys just love playing out there! We organized all their toys in big bins and labeled the bins -- both with words and pictures, so they know exactly where everything goes. They've been really good about putting toys away when they're done playing. I just need to find some containers for a bookcase I have and create their art center, and then the porch will be finished!

Sunday was our nephew Maddox's 1st birthday party at a restaurant at Lake Panorama. We had delicious pizza and salad and breadsticks, and then cake and ice cream for dessert. Violet slept through the entire party. Then we went back to the farm for awhile, and then Violet, me, dad and uncle Doug went to a graduation party for one of our relatives. Violet slept through that as well. Then back to the farm to relax and grill burgers for supper. We didn't get the boys home until nearly 9 so I am sure Bo will have a rough day. But sometimes that can't be helped. He will survive, and hopefully so will his teachers. :)

OK, I'm off to clean. Here are some pics from the party:

 This wasn't from the party, but she's so cute in this little dress that I had to put it on. :) 

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