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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Score: Breast Cancer 0, Mom 2

I'll admit it. I've been kind of dragging my feet about writing this post.

My mom has breast cancer.

It sucks. Cancer sucks. But it really sucks when it is happening to someone you love. Especially to your mom. I love my mom. She is awesome. And today she started kicking cancer's ass. She had her first chemo treatment.

And then she went shopping for new shoes.

That's one of the many reasons I love my mom. She's not going to let something like breast cancer stop her from shopping. Or from calling me to see if I could meet her at Nick's for supper. Nick's is one of our favorite restaurants. It's the place we go when it is just the two of us. We go there to celebrate and to talk and to discuss life and family and work and Republicans and anything else that comes up.

Tonight we went there to drink and eat a great meal and say, "Hey cancer, fuck you. You might be interfering with our summer, but you're not stopping us from doing the things we love." (Sorry for the f-word there. But I think it is appropriate to use it when you are talking about cancer.) Tonight we both breathed just a little easier because her fight has officially begun, and we've all been waiting for that. You can only hear the words "aggressive cancer" so many times before you start to get antsy for treatment to begin.

As far as I'm concerned, today was the beginning of the end for her breast cancer. She's already two points ahead: one point for detecting it early and another point for starting chemo. This cancer doesn't stand a chance. Because my mom is awesome. And awesome people beat cancer all the time. Love you, Mom.


  1. Well said. And I think the F word fits just perfectly!

  2. Yeah, Mom! How lucky for her and you that the two of you can talk and support each other. What a blessing.

  3. It doesn't matter what we do in the lab, what chemistry tells us- you can't put positive attitude in a test tube. A kick ass F_ing great attitude beats cancer every time. Love to you all. Sam Attaway.