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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!

What a gorgeous day here in Iowa -- cool, sunny and everything is as green as can be! Shawn and the boys just left for Easter dinner at his parents' house. Vi and I are staying home. We are heeding the medical community's advice to keep her out of big crowds for the first week or two, especially since whooping cough is going around Des Moines.

But that's just fine by me. I need a shower and some cleaning time. There are plastic eggs, candy wrappers, toys, diapers, baby clothes and baby blankets everywhere.

Baby Girl is growing like crazy. As you can see, we specialize in chubby babies in this household. She is sleeping upstairs now. I'm watching her on the video monitor that my employer sent me when Bo was born -- it's pretty handy. Violet is not only the world's most adorable baby but she is also such a sweet and lovely tempered baby! Last night she slept from 2:30 until 7 a.m.! Sure, the night before was a little rough... but, that's just because we were figuring things out. It turns out, the girl likes to eat. Fill her belly and she is happy.

Anyway, enough talk, let's get on to some photos!

After much convincing (OK, maybe some threatening), Bo agreed to put on his new Easter shirt. He looks so cute in it! And Mazy is always happy to wear his tie, even though I couldn't find the shirt I bought to go with it. Shawn is looking dapper in his new navy polo. Violet was sleeping, otherwise I would have put her in her pink Easter dress for a family picture. But I'll put her in it later and get some pictures of her. I know there's no hope that the boys will be wearing these same outfits when they return home...

Have a GREAT Easter, everyone!!

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  1. She looks so adorably chubby and tiny at the same time! Love her in the Easter basket.