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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Family

Well, it has been a busy few days. Here's a brief recap:

  • Thursday night I had a great time with my mom. We ate at Bravo restaurant and did some quick shopping at the mall and Costco. Very fun!
  • Friday morning Shawn and I took Violet to the Junk Jubilee at the fairgrounds. It was so much fun! Tons of antique vendors were in the 4-H building. I bought another cake tin -- it has a robin with cherry branches on it. We had fun. Then we went to the kids consignment sale, also at the fairgrounds. Then I cleaned house like a mad woman all afternoon and baked muffins and made quiches for Saturday. Friday night we took the entire family to meet my sister and her family, and our parents at a hotel. The guys took the kids swimming, the women hung out in the hotel room. My sister bought the CUTEST presents for Violet!! I'm going to photograph them and show you them. They're really great! It was her family's first time to meet Violet. My uncle Doug and cousin Marla also came -- we had fun with everyone!
  • Saturday morning my parents and sister's family came to our house for breakfast. I made two quiches, blueberry muffins, chocolate chocolate chip muffins, fried potatoes, sausage links, strawberries and orange slices. We all hung out until about 11. Then Shawn and Mazy went shopping and me, Vy and Bo watched movies all afternoon and relaxed.
  • Today my brother Troy and his son came over before lunch. He and Shawn went to Zombie Burger and brought back burgers for everyone. He left around 1:30 and we put the boys down for naps until about 4. Then we went to Prairie Meadows new hotel and met my parents, who are staying there tonight. Shawn and Mom took the boys swimming while Vy and I stayed in the hotel room with Dad. Then we all went to the steakhouse for supper. The boys were pretty well behaved... Violet didn't get fussy until the end. Good ol' Shawn devoured his food and took her up to the room for a bottle. And then we came home.
Whew. I'm looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow with Violet! Here are two pics I took this weekend that I liked:
 Isn't this the cutest outfit! Aunt Keri gave it to her. We needed her to be pretty in pink for her first official meeting with her cousin Theron!

 And here's Vy with aunt Heidi, who showered her with kisses and gifts on Friday night! Wait until you see the awesome owl that Heidi made her, and the adorable outfit that Theron helped pick out, and the adorable socks and the cool board books and ... Well, you get the picture. :)

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