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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Botanical Garden and Backyard Fun

Good morning! Good morning! Good Thursday morning to you all!

It is gorgeous out. The sun is shining. Our freshly mowed lawn is glistening with dew. The weeds I pulled yesterday from the landscaping are wilting in a yard bag.  :)  It's going to be a great day!

Just put in a load of laundry. Picked up the kitchen. Made the boys breakfast. Vy is sleeping. I'm doing a quick blog and then getting busy cleaning house for company this weekend! I'm also hoping to take Violet on a walk around the neighborhood this morning.

We've had a busy couple of days -- nothing major, just fun stuff. Lots of time outdoors in our yard. The boys and I planted flowers on Tuesday night. Yesterday I picked the boys up early from school/daycare and Mazy suggested we go to the Botanical Gardens, so that's what the four of us did. I thought I would be more scared taking three children out by myself but it's a breeze! It helps that one sleeps all the time and is content wherever she is. :) 

Bo had never been to the Botanical Gardens so he had a blast running around and looking at the plants and giving me a heart attack by climbing the stone walls to get a better view of the turtles and fish in the streams below... But he and Mazy were so good! I am really enjoying this time off!!!

Tonight is supper and shopping with my mom. Can't wait! And now that I know my friend Kortney will be at the mall as well, I'm going to be on the lookout for her!

Here are some photos of our recent fun. Have a great day, everyone!

Planting Flowers in the Backyard

Our Trip to the Botanical Gardens

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