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Monday, February 6, 2012

A Plan Is Hatching...

So next week is Mazy's annual February intersession break. The Downtown School is not a year-round school, but it has an extended school year. So he gets weeklong breaks in October, February and May, and then he gets the typical December holiday break and March spring break.

Next week I have two vacation days -- Mon/Tues -- and then I'm working from home with him the rest of the week.

Tonight while watching Bizarre Foods: America with Andrew Zimmern, we hatched up an awesome foodie-inspired plan. Next week we're going to eat at 5 different as-close-to-authentic non-American cuisine restaurants that we can find and review them! We're so excited! Tomorrow night we'll review our options and come up with a plan. Here are some of the places I want him to consider:

  1. El Salvador del Mundo -- a farmers market favorite that now has a restaurant not far from our house. The pupusas are unbelievable. But there is plenty of other El Salvadoran food that I have not tried yet.
  2. Maccabee's Kosher Deli -- I've never been here but it sounds good! Mazy loves big meaty sandwiches so it should be right up his alley, plus it will be a good opportunity to talk about the Jewish faith. 
  3. La Pena -- a Mexican restaurant I recently discovered that's just down the road from Bo's daycare. It was pretty authentic -- I want Mazy to try the goat tacos!
  4. India Star -- this will sound weird, but I'm hoping for a lunch buffet so Mazy can try a bunch of different Indian food at once! It's so hard to order just one plate of Indian, I think it's best to get a bunch of flavors on your plate.
  5. Alohana Hawaiian Restaurant -- this one is in Ankeny and I might try and talk him and Mom into it on Valentine's Day instead of our typical sushi. Sushi would also be good, but let's face it, nothing new to Mazy!
Mazy also requested Italian and BBQ -- so I might search for those tomorrow as well. Oh I love my little foodie! My mom has often said that she's never seen a kid eat with such enthusiasm as Mazy, and it's true. He loves food. And he takes great pride in being an adventurous eater! I only wish Shawn could join us, he'd love this adventure, too!

Tomorrow I'll share photos from Super Bowl Sunday and sledding at the farm. Have a great, Tuesday!

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