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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh what a great morning and early afternoon I've had! I love days off! Mazy and I were quite busy this morning. We:
  • Renewed my driver's license. It was a very painless experience. Way to go, DOT!
  • Had a lovely chat over coffee and baked goods at Starbucks. Yes, I allowed my 7-year-old to try a mocha. It was his first one. He loved it... And then hours later he followed it with a Diet Coke! But I promise, this is an unusual week and he is on vacation after all. We don't normally behave this way.
  • We went to Chocolaterie Stam and Mazy picked out delicious treats for dessert tonight.
  • We went to Kohl's and bought matching shirts for Mazy and Bo for Saturday's family photo shoot. I can't wait! I also found a birthday present for my Grandma Maxine. And some clearance pants for Mazy and Bo. 
  • We went to Michael's and bought some storage baskets for the baby's stuff. 
  • We picked up my mom and went to lunch at the Waterfront Seafood Market (see Mazy's latest blog entry about this under the "Restaurant Times" tab above).
  • We went back to my mom's office and I met with Tracey, a loan officer, about beginning the paperwork for a new home loan. Now to get our current one on the market... 
  • Then we went to Fareway grocery store for fresh strawberries, mushrooms and drinks for tonight's Valentine's Day celebration at home. We're making heart-shaped pizzas!
I have about an hour before Shawn and Bo get home so I better get busy cleaning up and getting food ready. Hope you are all having a wonderful Valentine's Day and spending it with the people you love!

Also, stay tuned tomorrow for Mazy's review of Indian food! He is going to work with Shawn and he, Shawn and Grandma Belinda have a date at the Indian Palace in Ames! It's his first time eating at an Indian restaurant so I am excited to hear what he thinks.

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