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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunshine Sunday ... On Monday!

Good morning on this MLK Jr. Day! The boys and I are home. They're watching MegaMind. Bo is eating leftover popcorn from last night's viewing of Iron Man -- he was in bed when we watched it. But Mazy loved it! He is a big fan of all the Marvel movies.

Anyway, we're home today enjoying a laundry and movie day. Shawn just left for work. And now on with the show of some photos and things that make me happy:

Boo and Babe
"I like it when you call each other 'Boo and Babe.'"  Mazy said this one day to me and Shawn about the nicknames we have for each other. He requested that we use these monikers more often. It reminds me of how much kids notice and how easy it is to make them feel secure and part of a loving family.

Bo's 1st Haircut
Bo really needs a haircut. It's getting kind of long, plus there's that spot on the left-side of his head that we shaved in order to glue his wound... And this made me think back to his first haircut. He had such long silky curls in back, it was so cute!! But grandparents were threatening to take him to the barber if we didn't so finally I consented. His first haircut was not exactly a "fun" experience, but the photos and memories make me laugh:

On weekend mornings, it is tradition that the boys come in and wake us up. First to arrive is Bo. Sleepy-eyed, out of it and wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed beside me for hugs and kisses and assurance that there is no daycare, school or work today. Next comes Mazy, bounding in with 100 percent of his enthusiasm and energy, dressed for the day already and most definitely ready to get the family up and moving. He jumps into our bed and on top of my side so he is as close to me as Bo is. The peace lasts for about 24 seconds before one decides that he doesn't have enough room or that the other has more of my attention. But they are the mornings I live for.

Mazy's Artwork
I've been wanting to show you some of Mazy's clay work from his art class last fall. Here are two of his projects: a bowl with fruit and veggies, and a sea-inspired bowl. I need to get photos of the other projects, too. He's very proud of them and made some really cool things!

MLK Jr. Day
"Can we go to the cemetery today?" asked Mazy this morning.

Me: "Uh, well, it's kind of cold. Why do you want to go to the cemetery?"

Mazy: "Because it's you know whose birthday today!"

Me: "Yeahhh... It is. But I'm pretty sure he's not buried in Des Moines. He's probably in Birmingham or Washington, DC or someplace."

Mazy: "He's buried in Atlanta, Georgia. That's where he was born and lived his life. I read it in a book. But I thought we could go to the cemetery to remember him."

Me: "Oh. That's a very nice idea, Mazy. If we don't make it to the cemetery, we'll find a way to remember him today."

So Mazy and I just watched this video of "I Have a Dream" speech, and if you have time, you should watch a little of it as well.

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