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Friday, January 13, 2012

Dinner and a Movie Night

Friday the 13th. Mazy's 7-year checkup. Officially filed a homeowners claim for the garage. Did some great  writing for a shopper behavior report for the agency. Cleaned out the back porch while the boys played outside this afternoon. Made chicken, stuffing and veggies for supper. OK, it was a rotisserie chicken and Stove-Top and steam-in-the microwave veggies. But it's better than eating out! And now we're preparing to get Bo to bed and have Friday Movie Night!

Bo would normally join us but as a consequence of a rough day at daycare, i.e., a lot of tantrums and fits, he is going to bed early and missing movie night.

Tomorrow's plans: clean for two hours in the morning. Contractor is coming by to give us an estimate for the garage damage. Heading to Burlington Coat Factory to find Shawn a new winter coat and to find the boys new gloves and scarves. Hopefully meeting Troy and fam for an early dinner somewhere (he keeps saying Hooters... oh boy). And Shawn is going to a friend's bday party at The Latin King tomorrow night -- I'm excited for him! Both to try the Latin King and to get out of the house with some adult friends!

So happy weekend to you all. Mazy and I are home on Monday. I'm  hoping to finish the baby's quilt and get Mazy's started this weekend. Bye!

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